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Dining Room

Bedroom first floor


Really relax 

Arran is a truly relaxing haven with its laidback pace of life, tranquil surroundings and postcard perfect views. Soak up some prescribed relaxation and leave feeling amazingly refreshed.

Let the island time wash over you as you step off the boat onto Arran. Leave the buzz of the mainland behind and it will soon be just a distant memory.  The clean mountain air will refresh your spirit and venturing into the wilds will clear your head. Spend a day on a secluded, sandy beach, and let the sounds of the coast help you unwind. Even hardened city slickers will fall for the island’s charms. Treat yourself to a soothing therapy at Auchrannie spa resort, where you don’t have to be a guest to book. Sample healing reiki, yoga, holistic massages and alternative therapies. Or perhaps delve into a spiritual retreat on The Holy Isle? Home to a Buddhist community, it offers a unique and peaceful retreat for a few days or longer.