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Dining Room

Bedroom first floor


Man's first steps 


Tales of early man still resonate across the island and Neolithic standing stones offer a glimpse into the past. Arran has seen life on its shores for thousands of years and if you look closely, it can be seen all around you.

Legend and folklore, passed down through countless generations, cloak Arran in an intriguing veil of mystery which, to this very day, still poses secrets and tales that remain unanswered.
With a history that is interwoven into everyday life, it is very hard to visit the island and not come face to face with reminders of the island’s ancient and eventful past. From the legends that surround the Stone Age standing stones on Machrie Moor, which dominate a moorland covered in the remains of early settlements, to the discovery of dinosaur footprints from a time when Arran sat on a different latitude altogether. Experience more recent history by visiting Brodick Castle, or take a walk to King’s Caves on the western shore of the island, where Robert the Bruce sought refuge before taking inspiration from a nearby spider which led him to claim victory at Bannockburn. If time is against you, take a tour of the Arran Heritage Museum in Brodick, for a wonderful snap shot of Arran life through the ages.