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Largely untouched and always breathtaking, Arran is the perfect haven for Scotland’s most evocative and eye-catching wildlife. Explore with a local guide or lace up your boots and see for yourself.

The range of moorlands, forests, coastline and mountainous peaks has created an enviable range of habitats unlike anywhere else in Scotland. The site of Scotland’s first No Take Zone, fishing or the removal of any marine life from Lamlash Bay is forbidden to protect this precious environment.
Even on the boat over, it is worth starting your wildlife sightseeing a little early, as the waters around the island are teeming with sea life, with harbour porpoises a common sight. A keen eye might even spot a rare minke whale, dolphins or a huge basking shark. These enormous sharks are the world’s second largest fish and bask harmlessly on the surface of the water feeding on plankton. Closer to shore, keep an eye out for elusive otters as they forage in the shallows. Distinctive due to their large white wings with black tips, look out for gannets overhead and, if you are really lucky, you might even spot a colourful puffin. On land, deer are commonly sighted across the deep glens of the north and flatter lands of the south, and high overhead you might just spot a soaring golden eagle or a pair of buzzards circling prey.Eagles